Post Brexit Pre Clinton & Trump

Post Brexit, Pre Presidential Elections

There's been a whole lot of uncertainty in the market place this year and as such we have seen many of our customers put a short term hold on their buying options in Florida.  Although as one said on the phone the other day, " some point we will just have to take the leap."  The exchange rate went up a little today which is good news, it would be great if this trend continues.  And it is true we may well not see the exchange rate reach giddy heights in the near future but it is still important to follow your dreams.

On the opposite side though, we have an an upturn in bookings for holidays, nothing seems to dampen the spirit of the holiday maker to Florida, throughout everything we all still want to live our dreams and have fun.  And what better place to do that than Florida.  The weather isn't going anywhere, the parks are in Orlando to stay and holiday's of a lifetime are still in plan! Mickey Mouse is still in residence.

We have some great offers to fill some gaps in our villas for the rest of 2016 and for 2017 so if you are planning a trip to from Disney to Universal to the Gulf Coast - we can help!