Summer Holiday Saving!!

We can save you upto £2000 on your Summer Holiday!! 

WOW just look at our price comparison on Villa rentals compared with other well know holiday providers.

We've taken the same villa and compared dates and prices with a well known holiday provider to the US.  Take a look! 

Villa Only  (5 Bedroom/ 4 Bathroom) for the SAME Property above.  

Comparison  date used - 15th August 2016 for 14 Days right bang in the middle of the summer holidays!


        • THEIR PRICE £4375       FLORIDA HOMES PRICE      £2700

Plus Pool Heat     £700       Plus  Pool Heat                         £375

Total               £5075       Total                                    £3075


An Incredible Saving of £2000 for a two week holiday,  that’s nearly 40% cheaper, think of all that extra spending money!!!!  Pays for the Park tickets & the car rental!! Plus a bit more for the shops.

Also other holiday providers take booking deposits of 30% whereas we only ask for 20%.

Florida Homes deal direct with the Home owners so we can get you the best deal.

Phone Now on 02380 255584 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What should I take on holiday?

We often get asked what to take with you on holiday - here's a handy guide...if only someone would come and pack it all up for me too (oh and unpack when I get home).

Pushchairs/Car Seats

Children under the age of 6 need to have either a child seat or a booster seat. You can take your own as this is the cheapest and best way to do it, otherwise it is around $7 – $10 a day (payable locally when you pick up the car). These can sometimes be a bit grubby too so I would take your own.

The same with pushchairs/buggies (Strollers), if you can, take your own if it is not too bulky, there is no charge for taking both of these items on the plane and it doesn’t come out of your luggage allowance.  At the airport, they give you a big polythene bag to put it in. Your pushchair stays with you until you board and then you hand it over and it goes in the hold. So you have the advantage of having somewhere for the little one whilst you are at the airport. If you decide to leave your pushchair here, then avoid renting one from the theme parks as they are expensive,  they are about $15 a day if you rent a multiple day rental it is $13 a day. You can buy one from Walmart for about $20 or if you are staying at one of our villa’s ask us if they have one. Many previous guests leave them behind.

If you are flying economy most of the scheduled airlines luggage allowance is 1 x 23kg per person, including children. If you are flyng Premium Economy or Business Class your allowance may be 2 x 23kg and if you are lucky enough to be flying First Class it’s 3 x 32kg. Some charter airlines allowances are slightly less so check up before you book or before you start to pack. It is very tempting to take clothes for all seasons but I can assure you, you will take lots of stuff you will not wear and it will eat into your allowance.

Try to keep things to a minimum, if you are staying at a villa you can wash and dry clothing easily so you don’t need have a change of clothing for every day. All of this previous information is assuming that you will be doing a lot of shopping whilst in Florida and you will need to get it home with you without it costing you more than you could have bought it for before you left. You also get a 10kg cabin baggage allowance with most airlines. Some airlines strictly adhere to the “One Piece” rule and will not allow you to take any other pieces aboard without paying for them.

We often get asked if you can take food with you to the US the short answer is no really, things like fruit, vegetables, agricultural, dairy and meat products are prohibited. You can take tea and coffee with you if you wish but everything else can be bought quite cheaply over there, such as cereals for kids if yours only eats them for breakfast, most restaurants though do have cereals on the menus at breakfast time. Baby milk can be taken over with you too but in small quantities if not in hold luggage. 

Medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding 3.4 ounces (100ml) and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Officers may ask travellers to open these items to conduct additional screening and passengers should declare them for inspection at the checkpoint.  
Larger quantities can be packed in hold luggage. One other thing to bear in mind, they may sell the same brand over there in the supermarkets like Publix and WalMart.

Refuelling in Florida

For those of you who are first time drivers in Florida we thought it might be useful to explain how the petrol / gas stations work. In the UK you fill up before paying, it works the opposite way in the Florida, go and pay first. Obviously there's a bit if guess work with regards to how much the vehicle will take, so maybe just add $35 as your first tank to see how much of the tank that fills. This is the same process throughout America.

Your vehicle will almost certainly be gasoline (Petrol), only trucks run on diesel.

If you have a US credit / debit card you can use the keypad on the pump to pay.

It may be more likely that you are using a UK credit / debit card and therefore you will not be able to use this set up, as it will ask you for a zip code that's connected to the card. Instead you will need to go into the gas station and request that a certain value is credited to the pump where you have parked; you then pay for this amount. Should you not be able to fit the full amount requested into your car you will only be charged for the amount taken, if this is the case we would recommend that you get a receipt for the actual amount paid. If you wish to use cash, you still need to pay ahead of filling up.

If you are hiring a car from either Orlando International or Sanford airport you will pick it up full and they will ask you if you would like to prepay for the petrol / gas up front so that you can bring the car back empty or bring it back full. We would recommend that you try to bring the car back full as you will normally pay a lot (We mean a lot!) more per gallon at the car hire rental desk than on the local gas pumps but it depends how well you know the area and if you can be bothered to fill up on your way back to the airport when most people are a little stressed that it’s the end of their holiday and are still checking that they have their passports!.

We normally fill up well before hitting the I4 on the way back to the airport as there aren't any gas stations at the airport that you can use. As long as the fuel gauge is still at the top you won't be charged for any extra fuel.

One tip we would recommend is that when you get back to the car rental return you wait for the attendant to come and check the car over, record the mileage and then scan the bar code in the window, they then print out a receipt which shows any extra charges and what you paid for your car hire. This is a great thing to have in case there is a problem at a later date with your car hire.

We hope the above information helps you when driving in Florida. Have fun.

Getting through Orlando International Airport stress free, well almost!!

It can be daunting arriving in an airport that you don’t know and are tired, so here’s a few tips to help you through the experience!

Flying into Orlando International Airport (MCO)

The majority of people going to the Central Florida area will fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO).   Both British Airwaysand Virgin Atlantic offering direct flights from Gatwick and  Manchester airports in the UK. Norwegian Air has now also started to offer flights from Gatwick at reasonable prices.

When the plane lands you will firstly need to head for passport control / U.S. Customs and Border Protection (follow the crowds!). You will need to have your passport and customs declaration form in hand. You would have completed the customs form on the plane, and are only required to have one of these forms per household. It is also wise to have a copy of your ESTA and your flight itinerary showing details of your return flightin your hand luggage, should you be asked to show it.

Sit at the front! 

The queue at US Customer Border can be very long, especially if you have just landed behind another flight. If you pre assign your seating try for seats to the front of the plane to be quicker off, it could save you an hour of queuing.

It's easier with an E- Passport!

If you hold an E-Passport and have been to the county within the last two years and had your finger prints scanned previously you can use the automated machines. Once you have scanned your passport, answered a series of questions and had your picture taken, a receipt will be printed. Take this receipt to a CBP officer to confirm the inspection for entry into the United States. These automated machines allow a much faster processing and shorter wait time.

Your passport will be stamped with your arrival date and the date by which you need to leave, which is within 3 months under the Visa Waiver Programme. You will be returned your passport and the customs declaration form.

Travelling with babies and children

If you are travelling with young ones that have pushchairs / prams, these are not returned until you have passed through passport control, therefore if you have baby carriers / slings, then I recommend packing them in your hand luggage.

Fines for Food!

You would have been told on the flight what foods are allowed into the United States, you will be asked again at the border if you have any. Failure to declare food products can result fines of up to $10,000 – not a good start to your holiday!

The Dales at Westhaven Luxury Orlando Vacation Homes

Only 8 Plots left!! 


The Dales at Westhaven is an exciting, brand new community of luxury Orlando vacation Homes, located next to the prestigious Shire at West Haven. The Dales is part of the West Haven community which is made up of a number of different sub divsions which include the Sanctuary at West Haven, the Manors at West Haven and the Abbey at West Haven. Located less than 5 minutes from Champions Gates and the I4 (interstate 4 exit 58) this is a fantastic location from which to explore all the Orlando theme parks and other central Florida attractions.

There are now just 8 building lots left, not surprising with pricing starting from an incredible £184,000, to reserve your plot just contact either Jon or Annabel

02380 255584

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.